Commonwealth Transitions understands you are selling your life’s work, so we take extra special care to ensure your practice is passed on to an individual with similar practice philosophies. We offer various strategies for the seller to either enjoy full on retirement post sale or continue to work. Each transition is unique and structured around the needs and goals of the seller. In addition, our comprehensive practice appraisal offers true local market data to ensure you are getting the maximum value when you sell.


Most Dentists are not prepared to sell their practice right away. In some cases it makes sense for a Dentist to hold off selling in order to make certain improvements which will enable their practice to be more marketable when it comes time to do so.

Our Appraisal process includes a comprehensive analysis of the current practice and makes suggestions on how the practice can be improved.


Acquiring a practice and moving it into your office or moving your practice into the seller’s office is by far the best way possible to immediately expand the production and profits of a dental practice. Practice mergers can be structured with the seller working for the buyer full-time, the seller working for the buyer part-time or the seller retiring immediately and the buyer absorbing all the seller’s production. The structure you need obviously depends on your needs and goals.


90% of all associateships fail. Find out when is the right time to bring in an associate and how to avoid very costly mistakes.


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