The Advantage

Commonwealth Transitions has extensive experience with regards to Dental Office Design and Engineering, The advantage for our clients is overwhelming vs Standard Commercial Real Estate Agents. These advantages include:

Buyer Advantage

We can preview and Identify a space and location which has the proper square footage that can meet the number of treatment rooms and facilities. Our engineering experience will be invaluable to identify weather a space is feasible for a Dental Office and give a reasonable estimate of build-out costs, so our client can make an educated decision.

Seller Advantage

Our database of potential practice purchasers and associates, will be accessed to identify a possible candidate for a Dental start-up.

Dental Practice Lease

It all begins with the right location and concludes with the completion of a lease agreement that will reduce Real Estate & Build-out costs and safeguards the practitioner’s capital investment.

Dental Practice Sublease

Commonwealth Transitions will work with Dentists who have empty un-utilized Treatment rooms, to find and Identify possible candidates for a sublease.